What Happens After I Book a Shipment? 

Once you’ve booked your shipment, the process isn’t finalized until we’ve received your payment. Here are the key steps after your payment is processed: 

  1. Connecting with Suppliers: We’ll be in touch with you and your supplier to get any missing documentation, such as the Commercial Invoice and Packing List, and to arrange the handover of your cargo. 
  1. Booking Confirmation and Schedule: After your shipment is booked, we’ll send you a confirmation along with the carrier’s routing schedule. 
  1. Document Review: We’ll provide you with the shipping documents (Air Waybill or Bill of Lading) for review, if required, followed by the final versions for your records. 
  1. Delivery Coordination: We’ll provide real-time updates throughout the transit process. Once the shipment arrives at the port, an Arrival Notice will be sent, and we will coordinate the final delivery steps with your designated contact person. 

Rest assured, we’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery, making every step of your shipment’s journey seamless.