What Do I Need To Do After I Pay for My Shipment? 


Once you’ve completed the payment for your shipment, here are the important next steps to focus on: 

  1. Provide Missing Documentation: If you haven’t yet sent us documents such as your Tax ID, Commercial invoice, and Packing List, for example, our team will be in touch with you to arrange the final details.
  2. Making Sure your Supplier Information is correct: we will be in touch with your supplier to coordinate cargo handover and any other missing documentation on their side.
  3. Check Your Booking Confirmation and Schedule: Shortly after your shipment is booked, we’ll send you a confirmation along with the carrier’s routing schedule via email. Please review these details carefully, including the shipper (or supplier) contact information, to guarantee a smooth cargo handover and overall shipment process.
  4. Review Shipping Documents (if required): Depending on your shipment’s specifics, you may need to review and approve documents such as the Air Waybill or Bill of Lading. We will provide these for your review if necessary. Ensure their accuracy before sending back your approval.
  5. Monitor Your Shipment’s Progress: We’ll keep you updated with real-time notifications throughout the transit process. Upon your shipment’s arrival at the port, you will let you know and send you the Arrival Notice. We will then coordinate the final delivery steps with your designated contact person.

At Ship4wd, we ensure a smooth and efficient transit to your final destination, so you can rest easy, knowing your cargo’s in good hands! At any stage, our team is 24/7 available to answer any questions.