How Do I Search for Quotes? 

At Ship4wd, getting real-time quotes for your shipping needs is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps: 


Step 1: Search Quotes 

Log in to your account and from the dashboard, click the “Search Quote” button.  


OR from the dashboard, select your preferred shipment type: Full-Container Load (FCL), Less-Than-Container Load (LCO), or AIR.  


Step 2: If not yet selected, choose Your Shipment Type 

From the dropdown menu, select your shipment type: Full-Container Load (FCL), Less-Than-Container Load (LCO), or AIR. 


Step 3: Select Your Shipping Location 

From the dropdown menu, select where your cargo will be shipped from: Port, Door, Warehouse, or Airport.  


Step 4: Choose Your Destination 

Enter the destination of your cargo using similar steps to the one above. Make sure you provide accurate details to facilitate a smooth delivery process. 



Step 5: Enter Your Cargo Details 

Based on the shipment type you’ve selected, you’ll need to fill in some details about your cargo: 

Please note that although you can add an estimated dimension, the price is based on the actual dimensions and weight. If there are any changes, the quote will be adjusted accordingly.


Step 6: Select Your Departure Date 

Choose the date you want your cargo to be shipped.  



Step 7: Search for Quotes 

Click the “Search” button to view available shipping quotes in real time. Compare different options to find the best rate and shipping time that suits your needs. 


Step 8: Lock in Your Price 

When you find a quote you like, click the “Lock in Price” button to secure it. Please note that to finalize the price, you’ll need to complete your booking 

After clicking “Lock in Price,” continue through to the next pages where you’ll enter cargo details, contact information, and any additional services. When you’re finished, complete the process with a payment to finalize your booking.