How Do I Add Cargo Details? 

Adding cargo details to your shipping quote is easy. Just follow these simple  steps:  

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Quote

After selecting your preferred shipping quote, click the “Lock in Price!” button.  

Step 2: Verify Your Collection Date 

Make sure your collection date is accurate on the Cargo Details page. This is the date your cargo will be ready for collection, based on your earlier selection.  

Step 3: Enter Your Commodity Type

For each container, you’ll need to enter the type of goods, dimensions, and weight. You can get this information from your supplier or refer to your cargo packing list.  

From the Commodities dropdown menu, choose your commodity type for the first container. If you don’t see your commodity type listed, select Other from the list. 


Step 4: Enter Your Cargo’s Dimensions 

Input the volume of your cargo in cubic meters and enter its weight in kilograms.  


Step 5: Adding Other Commodity Types  

If you’re shipping multiple types of commodities in one container, click the “+ Add Commodity” link to enter each additional commodity.  Enter the commodity type, volume, and weight for each additional commodity.


Step 6: Add or Remove Commodities 

If you need to add or remove commodities from a container, just hover to the left of the Commodity Type drop down menu, and select “Add Commodity” or “Remove Commodity” from the picklist.  

Step 7: Enter Cargo Details for Each Container 

After you’ve entered the cargo details for your first container, continue entering cargo details for each additional container. 


Step 8: Submit Your Cargo Details 

Once you’ve entered your cargo details and verified that the information is correct, click the “Next” button to proceed. And that’s it – you’ve successfully entered your cargo details! Now you’re ready to move on to the next step, Adding Contact Details.