Take control of your timelines with easy-to-book air freight

Stop chasing the clock and get your shipments moving faster. With our booking platform, you can easily find the best air freight services providers for your needs.

It’s the fastest way to get your goods on their way

If you’ve got a delivery deadline that won’t budge an inch, air freight is the surest method by far. For a start, there’s no gridlock to worry about in the sky, and air freight operators can use both passenger aircraft and cargo aircraft to keep your delivery on schedule.

And from the moment you book, we can take care of everything, from pickup and customs clearances to getting the tax and duty payments made.

Book and manage your air freight easily

Stay on track with around-the-clock support

Track your shipments with end-to-end visibility

Leave the stressful admin tasks to us

Find the best air service for your needs, faster

With our one-stop-shop for air freight services, you can weigh up your best carrier options based on your schedule and budget, and receive booking confirmation for your selection in minutes instead of days.

Keep tabs on your shipment, in the air and on the ground

We make sure you’re kept in the loop, with instant alerts of any delays or service issues along the route, and the reassurance of being able to track your shipments in real-time from any device.

Here are a few questions people usually ask us:

Where do you ship to?

Through our global network of shipping partners, we can help you move shipments between China, Thailand, Japan and other locations in Asia, as well as Israel, the USA and Canada. And we intend to keep growing this network too, so as we add new locations we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about it.

How much does shipping cost and how do I get a quote?

As soon as your Ship4wd account is registered, you gain access to our entire shipping schedule and the freight carriers in our network. Enter the details of your cargo details and where you’re shipping from and to, and we provide an instant range of competitively priced shipping quotes to choose from — and we also offer flexible payment terms.

What types of shipping do you facilitate?

Ship4wd provides digital freight forwarding for air freight and ocean freight, with ’first-and-last-mile’ land transportation to help your goods complete their journey at either end.

What documentation do I need to provide for air freight shipping?

The main document you’ll need is an Air Waybill. This contains all of the information about your shipment — including sender and delivery address — and needs to be attached to every individual piece in your consignment.

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