You can now take control of your imports and exports, effortlessly

However you decide to move your goods, by air or ocean, we make it easy for you to compare and book the best carriers in just a few clicks. Your shipping rates and guaranteed container allocation can be locked in up to 45 days ahead, and you can count on real support from real people, 24/7.

Ocean Freight

Find the right route and carrier for your needs quickly, and keep your competition on their toes with our container allocation guarantee.

Air Freight

It’s still the fastest way to move your goods, and we manage the airfreight insurance, customs, and all other documentation for you.

Land Freight

Whether you ship by air or ocean, we deliver door-to-door in between via road and rail to get your goods from the factory to your destination of choice.

Here are a few questions people usually ask us:

What exactly is a ‘freight forwarder’ and ‘freight forwarding’?

Freight forwarding is what your freight forwarder does for you. And what your freight forwarder does is act as your well-informed guide to getting you the best shipping services at the best price. We also manage the process of getting customs clearances for your shipments, and make sure that you’re kept up-to-date with the progress of your shipments while they’re in transit.

How much does shipping cost and how do I get a quote?

As soon as your Ship4wd account is registered, you gain access to our entire shipping schedule and the freight carriers in our network. Enter the details of your cargo details and where you’re shipping from and to, and we provide an instant range of competitively priced shipping quotes to choose from — and we also offer flexible payment terms.

Where do you ship to?

Through our global network of shipping partners, we can help you move shipments between China, Thailand, Japan and other locations in Asia, as well as Israel, the USA and Canada. And we intend to keep growing this network too, so as we add new locations we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about it.

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