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1. Log in

To get started, head to the login page and enter your email address and password that you’ve just set up. You’ll also receive a link to login with your confirmation email.

2. Start a new booking search

Once you’re logged in, click on the new booking button to start a new search for shipment quotes.

3. Choose to import or export

Are you importing or exporting? Select your type of shipment.

4. Tell us if you’re shipping by ocean or by air

If you’re shipping by ocean, let us know if your cargo will take up a full container load (FCL), or if your cargo will take up less than a container load (LCL). Select air cargo if you want your cargo to go by air.

5. Enter your shipping destination

Tell us where your shipment is departing from and its end destination.

6. Tell us when your cargo needs to be shipped

Choose a date on the calendar for when you would expect your cargo to be shipped.

7. If shipping by ocean, tell us the details of your cargo

If you’re shipping a full container load by ocean, tell us what container type you need and then click the view quotes button.

If you’re shipping less than a container load by ocean, let us know the dimensions of your cargo and then click the view quotes button.

If you can’t find what you need, talk to our support team on our online chat.

8. Browse and compare real-time quotes

After you’ve added your shipment details, hit the VIEW QUOTES button to get access to a range of quotes from different providers, with departure dates (ETD), arrival dates (ETA) and pricing alternatives.

If you don’t get a quote for your dates and cargo, don’t worry – we’ll reach out to you by email within 48 hours with a manual quote.

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Book a call with our freight experts

If you have any questions about the booking process, we have a 24/7 support team of experts ready to answer your queries.

You can reach them every time you log in to Ship4wd through the online chat button, towards the bottom right of your screen.

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