Ship4wd Changes Freight Industry Standards for SMBs with New $10,000 Instant Credit Line, Ability to Pay for Shipments 90 Days After Arrival, Secure Online Checkouts

Ship4wd Changes Freight Industry Standards for SMBs with New $10,000 Instant Credit Line, Ability to Pay for Shipments 90 Days After Arrival, Secure Online Checkouts
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Small and medium-sized enterprises receive unprecedented access to instant $10,000 credit lines* and in-platform secure online payment options offering credit card and online bank transfers (ACH Debit) with the ability to pay up to 90 days from the cargo delivery date

NEW YORKJune 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ship4wd, a leading global digital freight forwarding solution platform, today announced an industry first-of-its-kind financial services offering with the debut of three new financing and payment features, addressing one of the most prominent issues small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) importers and exporters are facing today—cash flow management, a challenge often considered the glass ceiling for growth to many SMBs. As economic headwinds continue to surge, SMBs continue to battle significant financial friction that poses a roadblock to their growth and long-term sustainability. With its new financing solutions, Ship4wd is the first and only digital freight forwarder to create a comprehensive online financial solution specifically designed to combat decades of disparities in the sector.

With this announcement, Ship4wd becomes the first and only freight forwarder that will grant SMB importers and exporters an instant $10,000 USD credit line*. Furthermore, the company has launched a ‘buy now, pay later’ offer that enables SMBs to pay for shipments up to 90 days after delivery. Combined, these financial offerings provide unprecedented and much-needed cash flow relief for SMBs that are typically required to prepay for global shipments, tying up much-needed finances for extended periods of time. Additionally, to make payments easy, Ship4wd new offering will enable online digital checkouts that provide business owners the ability to pay with a credit card or direct debit (ACH debit) similar to any other online purchase—a significant shift for an industry otherwise heavily reliant on a paper trail of documentation.

“We’re proud to offer industry-leading access to instant $10,000 credit lines*, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ 90-day post-delivery payment terms and fully digitized online payment options for our customers. When examining these financial services collectively, there is no other digital freight forwarder doing all of this. Our goal at Ship4wd is to make the freight forwarding experience less complex, especially for small and medium-sized business owners, as our team strives to keep their needs at the heart of everything we do,” said Carmit Glik, CEO of Ship4wd. “It’s our mission to ease the burden of global shipping and financing off the shoulders of business owners to enable them to focus on the growth of their business. Today we are setting a new industry standard and advocating for small and medium-sized businesses.”

Ship4wd ensures its customers—no matter their size—receive a timely, cost-accurate, and properly documented journey for all general cargo categories. The new services are in partnership with 40Seas, a best-in-class financial services platform built to bring B2B payments and cross-border trade financing into the digital era, and include a series of new offerings, such as:

  • Financing for Small and Mid-sized Businesses—Instant $10,000 USD Credit Lines*: Ship4wd is enabling small and mid-sized businesses- which typically face being underbanked or unbanked- greater opportunity to compete and thrive amidst today’s economic climate as the first freight forwarder offering instant $10,000 credit lines* – subject to meeting eligibility conditions- for those who register on the global shipping platform. Ship4wd recognizes access to credit is often a lifeline for business owners to grow—allowing them to order more inventory, invest in marketing, enhance customer service, or allocate funds to other aspects of their operations—which is why the company has introduced this credit line* financing service in hopes of revolutionizing and sparking a movement across the industry. Ship4wd is changing industry standards not only by granting instant access to a credit line* upon registration but also with no pre-payments, no collateral, and no guarantee required from the business. Business owners will also be able to request additional credit.
  • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’—Flexibility of Paying Up to 90 days From Delivery Date: Ship4wd has launched a freight forwarding financial solution called ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ that allows companies the flexibility of paying up to 90 days from the delivery date, turning the tide on an antiquated prepayment model. Among the most prominent problems small and mid-sized businesses face when importing or exporting goods is managing cash flow—an issue that intensifies due to commonly held international shipping standards that require SMBs to pay before their cargo even sets sail. SMBs who take advantage of Ship4wd’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later,’ feature will be rewarded with a competitive edge against those who continue to prescribe to outdated practices or a “this is how I’ve always done things” mentality.
  • Secure Online Payments and Checkout—Simple Credit Card Payments and Online Bank Transfers (e.g. ACH Debit) for All Shipments: Customers can now access the majority of banks across the U.S. and Canada or leverage all major credit cards to complete their transactions through Ship4wd’s platform. This digitization marks a significant shift in the shipping and logistics industry that has traditionally required business owners to utilize paper checks and outside banking vendors. Through Ship4wd’s secure online payments and checkout, business owners can pay with credit card, direct debit (ACH debit), or online bank transfers for each of their shipments.

A part of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (NYSE: ZIM), Ship4wd provides enhanced solutions through a full-service dashboard so business owners can make more informed decisions; time savings with quicker turnaround of guaranteed price quotes, comparisons, and bookings; and 24/7 one-click access to live expert support and industry insiders throughout the entire process.

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*Credit lines are subject to eligibility.

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Ship4wd is a best-in-class digital-first freight solution that gives small businesses the personal freedom, ease and control to better manage their imports and exports. With full end-to-end visibility and built-in flexibility, Ship4wd is helping businesses to progress and thrive.

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