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Get guaranteed container allocation for your business

We are the only freight forwarder in the world that is able to guarantee ocean freight container allocation for small-to-midsize businesses.

Through our always-on digital services and worldwide network of shipping providers, you can find a quote that’s right for you and get your goods moving, faster.

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Watch the video to see how we simplify freight forwarding so that small and midsize businesses can ship easily between China, the USA, Canada, Israel, and Vietnam.

Award winning shipping!

We’re delighted to say that we’ve won not one,
but two awards in the international logistics awards!

of SMBs believe freight innovation is long overdue

SMBs are finding out that a digital-first freight forwarder can make lives easier and livelihoods more profitable—which is why more small businesses want to work with one instead of a traditional freight company.

This is what we learned by listening to the experiences and ambitions of 500 small importers and exporters in North America. Explore these insights and discover the opportunities digital shipping solutions can deliver in our Future of Freight Forwarding Report 2021.

With our comparison platform, control is in your hands

Compare, book and manage all your shipments quickly and easily online, knowing that you’ve got 24/7 person-to-person support from our team—no chatbots here.

Built for your business

Ship4wd is the world’s only freight forwarder that’s able to guarantee ocean freight container allocation for small-to-midsize businesses.

We aim to always bring you the best of the market

Quickly find the best service provider for the needs of your business, through our global network of shipping partners.

We make it quicker to quote, compare and book

Find a quote that gives you the best balance of cost and transit time, then go ahead and book it at the touch of a button.

We provide greater visibility for peace of mind

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your shipments are at every transit stage with our real-time tracking.

We give you more cash flow-friendly ways to progress

To help you manage your cashflow and give you some extra breathing space, we offer a range of flexible finance options.

Our ocean

Achieve the best balance of time, cost, and confidence for your sea shipments, small or large, all year round.

Our air services

Enjoy a one-stop airfreight supply chain solution with competitive rates, 24/7 support and end-to-end visibility.

Our added-value services

Experience comprehensive and cost-effective logistics services that help you add more value to your business.