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Count on us for Chinese shipping without the hold-ups

Through our unique relationship with ZIM, our parent company, we can now get SMB goods moving in and out of China faster.

ZIM’s support combined with our hand-picked network of international freight carriers, and our own digital-first expertise, is how we are able to put your needs first.

We can fast-track your goods from the factory, onto the ships and out of China, so you can remain competitive and stay focused on growing your business.

Meet the people that put you in control of your shipping

We’re led by Carmit Hoshen-Glik — an entrepreneurial executive with extensive experience in global freight forwarding and digital-first solutions.

Carmit has put together a global team of shipping and logistics experts to give you and your business all the shipping advantages you need.


“We’re the SMB-friendly digital freight forwarder that delivers business effectiveness.”

Carmit Hoshen-Glik, CEO

Get guaranteed container allocation for your business

We are the only freight forwarder in the world that is able to guarantee ocean freight container allocation for small-to-midsize businesses.

Through our always-on digital services and worldwide network of shipping providers, you can find a quote that’s right for you and get your goods moving, faster.

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