The Healing Power of Fabrics: Kat Chrysostom’s Remarkable Story and the Ship4wd Connection

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“With Ship4wd, I haven’t had to ask those questions as answers are just coming to me. Which is a refreshing thing. (…) Providing delivery dates for the stock and ensuring timely communication throughout the process were key when interacting with my clients.” 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) know all too well the struggles of dealing with international shipping. The complexities of global supply chains spanning multiple countries can be overwhelming, leaving SMBs searching for an advocate and a solution that levels the playing field for shipping. After months of searching, Kat Chrysostom, a successful entrepreneur, author, and founder of Benefab, found answers to both in Ship4wd.  

“From my perspective, having an all-in-one solution to shipping… is imperative because there are so many moving pieces when it comes to being an entrepreneur.”  

As advocates for SMBs, we can appreciate how essential it is to find a comprehensive and reliable shipping partner. Knowing we support companies with amazing stories of overcoming adversity like Kat’s, deepens our commitment to being a trusted partner for SMBs. At Ship4wd, our mission is to serve as an ally for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the backbone of our economy, by providing innovative solutions and steadfast advocacy that empowers them to thrive and compete effectively. 

Kat Chrysostom’s Remarkable Story 

Kat Chrysostom never anticipated becoming an entrepreneur in the world of beneficial fabrics. Her journey began 12 years ago when she experienced a tragic horse-riding accident during a spring break trip to Florida. As an avid animal lover and someone with a strong background in science and medicine, this incident was life-altering for her. 

The accident occurred when the horse stumbled while walking over an embankment, causing Kat and the horse to tumble over each other and fall off the edge. Both sustained fractured necks, leading to temporary paralysis for Kat and, unfortunately, the loss of the horse. With an uncertain future ahead, Kat embarked on a long road to recovery, exploring various treatments to regain her mobility. Kat’s journey to full mobility spanned approximately two and a half years. Over the first year and a half, she relied heavily on a caregiver and the assistance of others. During this period, Kat started exploring various healing modalities, including red light therapy, significantly improving her recovery process. 

“The red-light therapy not only gave me my mobility back but also gave me my life back.” 

During her healing process, Kat discovered Eastern medicine and its integrative approach, which combined conventional and alternative therapies. This exposure sparked her interest in the therapeutic benefits of specific fabrics that could aid recovery. Drawing from her passion for medicine, a newfound appreciation for Eastern therapies, and many years of research and development, Kat developed Benefab, a company specializing in beneficial fabrics for humans and animals. 

Starting “very gently” on human therapy products, Kat quickly expanded her line to include products for horses, small animals, and other creatures she loved so dearly. Today, Benefab offers a wide range of products designed to promote healing and wellness in animals, all inspired by Kat’s incredible journey of recovery and her unwavering passion for helping others. 

Development of Benefab 

After her tragic accident, Kat was bedridden for three and a half months. Kat credits red light therapy for helping her regain mobility, ultimately giving her life back. Inspired by her experience, Kat started Benefab, specializing in beneficial fabrics that mimic red light therapy for humans, horses, and small animals. 

“One of the things that I treasure most about our customers is that they’re putting their trust in us. Often, we are the end of the road for people who’ve exhausted everything else when they come to us. The results in such a rewarding venture have been amazing because you see the transformation with the animals and the people.” 

Navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship requires a unique outlook on life and a passion for one’s work. While challenges are inevitable, the rewards and personal satisfaction make it all worth it. Entrepreneurs like Kat found they could successfully manage and grow their businesses by leveraging digital tools to level the playing field. 

Navigating the Gap in Supply Chain Solutions for Growing Businesses 

Starting a business comes with numerous challenges, as Kat discovered when she founded Benefab and later acquired Horse Holster. With two distinct brands under her belt, she found herself managing various aspects such as supply chain, communication, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing for different products in diverse markets.  

For SMBs like Kat’s, finding the right tools and support can be particularly challenging due to budget constraints and a lack of tailored solutions for their specific needs. In addition, managing supply chains that stretch across multiple countries further complicates the process. Kat finds this gap in the market makes it challenging for companies in the $1 million to $10 million range to find suitable tools that facilitate growth without breaking the bank.  

“I think that that sector between the million to 10 million space a year is really lacking in what’s there for them. So that has been very challenging for us as we’ve grown.”  

Under $1 million: Numerous cheap options, but not ideal for growth 

  • Abundance of options with subscriptions ranging from $5 to $30 per month 
  • Limited tools for expansion and scaling 

$1 million to $10 million: A challenging gap with few plug-and-play options 

  • Scarcity of tailored solutions designed specifically for this range 
  • Difficulty in managing complex operations across multiple continents 

$10 million and above: Access to robust systems or the ability to build custom solutions 

  • Sufficient budget to acquire or develop tools that cater to specific needs 
  • In-house teams capable of creating and implementing tailored solutions 

Just as Kat demonstrated unwavering determination in her recovery journey, she approached her business challenges with the same tenacity, embodying the true spirit of an entrepreneur. Much like her path to full mobility, which required trying different methods and adopting an integrative approach, she was relentless in her search for a digital freight forwarder solution that could streamline processes and provide real-time information and support. The ability to input information, receive accurate quotes quickly, and have everything in one place were invaluable features for her.  

Moreover, Ship4Wd offered a blend of affordability and convenience, and Kat appreciates the clear and understandable communication, which helped her get answers to broader questions related to shipping dates and duties.  

“With Ship4wd, I haven’t had to ask those questions as answers are just coming to me. Which is a refreshing thing. (…) Providing delivery dates for the stock and ensuring timely communication throughout the process were key when interacting with my clients.”  

She emphasized the importance of timely communication and delivery dates for her stock when interacting with clients, stating, “Providing delivery dates for the stock and ensuring timely communication throughout the process were key when interacting with my clients.” With Ship4Wd, Kat found a solution that streamlined her supply chain logistics and enhanced her overall business operations. 


Experience with Previous Freight Forwarding Companies 

Kat’s experience with her previous shipping company highlights the importance of having a reliable and efficient partner for import management. “I was tossed around from rep to rep,” Kat shares.  

The lack of consistent support and slow response times made it difficult for Kat to manage her growing inventory and meet customer demands. In dealing with her previous shipping provider, Kat experienced significant delays, often waiting up to two weeks just to receive a quote. Even after approving the quote, the sailing date for her shipments would still be weeks away. This drawn-out process and port delays during the COVID pandemic made managing inventory and meeting customer demands incredibly challenging for her business. 

“It was honestly nothing less than frustrating at best… By the time it was actually on the boat and sailing, we were weeks into it.”  

After trying an online platform offered by a primary shipping carrier, Kat found that while the service provided live quotes, it was not cost-effective for her business. Then, she discovered Ship4wd, which offered the perfect blend of affordability, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. 

The Ship4wd Difference: Combining Affordability, Service and Trust for Small Businesses 

Ship4wd offers a unique blend of affordability and exceptional service to small and medium-sized businesses, providing a reliable shipping solution that enables entrepreneurs like Kat to focus on growing her business. By understanding the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and making logistics work for them instead of having them working on their logistics, Ship4wd has become an indispensable partner for many entrepreneurs. 

Affordability and Time-Efficiency 

One of the obstacles small businesses face is finding a shipping carrier that offers both competitive pricing and service. As Kat explains, “Ship4wd offers this blend of the best of both worlds when it comes to something affordable and has the element of service.” Ship4wd helps businesses maintain healthy profit margins by ensuring timely deliveries and affordable pricing while meeting their customers’ expectations. 

Exceptional Customer Service 

For small business owners like Kat, exceptional customer service is paramount. She appreciates the proactive communication from Ship4wd, stating, “I’ve been blown away by Ship4wd support… I’ve literally sent emails on Saturday night, and you guys are back to me within the hour.”  

Trust and Security 

Trust and security are crucial to any successful business relationship in today’s global economy. Kat values the convenience and security of Ship4wd’s payment portal, saying, “Knowing that the payments are always going through the same portal is important.” This trust in Ship4wd’s transparency and accurate shipment details fosters a strong sense of trust between the company and its clients, helping small businesses navigate the complex world of international shipping. 

Prioritizing Service, Price, and Trust 

When asked about her top three priorities in choosing a shipping partner, Kat emphasizes the importance of service above all else, followed by price and trust/security. She believes that Ship4wd delivers on all these fronts, making us an ideal partner for small businesses looking to grow and thrive in today’s competitive global market. 

“What Ship4wd brings to the industry is refreshing, and I think it’s very needed. I love that you’re giving a turnkey digital platform for small businesses.” 

Ship4wd a Partner SMBs Can Count On 

The remarkable story of Kat Chrysostom and her successful businesses highlights the challenges entrepreneurs and SMBs face in navigating the complexities of international shipping. Finding a reliable and comprehensive shipping partner is crucial for SMBs to level the playing field and compete effectively. Ship4wd emerged as the perfect solution for Kat, providing an all-in-one shipping solution that addresses the diverse needs of her business. 

As advocates for SMBs, we recognize the importance of supporting companies like Benefab with inspiring stories of resilience and overcoming adversity. With Ship4wd as a reliable ally, SMBs can confidently navigate the complex world of international shipping and focus on their core business goals. 

Ship4wd’s dedication to serving SMBs as a comprehensive and reliable shipping partner exemplifies our mission to empower these businesses and contribute to their success in today’s competitive landscape. Sign up to the platform here and experience the Ship4wd difference. 

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